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New Artist Member: REWILDER!

REWILDER, also known as Zach Garnes is a Virginia Beach native with a unique background, rooted deep into energetic dance music. He combines various influences from house, techno, trance, and hard dance. He has played larger festivals such as Fantasyland and Big Dub and well known venues in NYC, LA, and DC such as Soundcheck and Flash Night Club. Through his label Neorave Nation he is working to build a national platform centered around community, art, and underground dance music. We are super excited to have Zach on board to build and expand our mutual visions. Being members of the original rave scene, we are excited to support the new generation movements, and Zach's ability to hit diverse genres will make for upcoming great collaborations.

1 Comment

Feb 12, 2023

Sounds great! Welcome aboard

2050C Zach!!

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