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Our Virginia Beach arts collective homebase is a safe creative space within the ViBe Creative District.

Emotional & Mental Health Resources

The past few years have been hard in ways most of us could never have seen coming. Coping with the loss of loved ones, jobs and the snow-balling effect of stress has brought many of us to our knees.

If you are suffering,  you should know you are not alone and there is no reason to hide it. 


Many of us have old mental and emotional injuries which just havent healed enough to withstand new forms of stress. Many of us may not have yet learned new ways to cope, although doing what we can to iron out these issues and rid our lives of negative influences. The demands of creating, performing, living up to social media & public standards, can take their toll if we are not careful. Please take a moment to take care of yourself, and assess how you are doing and get the support and help you may need. 

If you suffer from anxiety, low self esteem, abuse, loss, shutting down, dissociation, mood swings, shame, isolation, sadness, substance abuse, please check out these resources. Dont sabotage yourself, you can get better.

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