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At our HQ in Virginia Beach, we invite one artist to live and work with local members on music & art collaborations. Our current resident is DJ Space One who is collaborating in the role of Resident DJ and music partnerships development.

DJ Space One is a 25+ year veteran DJ of diverse background known for his exceptional mixing skills, unexpected track selections and marathon sets of House, mash ups, Drum and Bass & Dubstep. He is a triple threat of House, HipHop and D&B. Originally from NYC, he plays regularly in Virginia Beach and Norfolk with some of the most popular DJ’s and bands in the area. He was a finalist in the 2022 Ice & Music DJ Competition. He was part of the native NYC electronic music scene working for notorious clubs and parties such as NASA, Limelight, Konkrete Jungle, Camouflage, and was the Co-Founder of Bubble and Sunday Night Chill Out parties in upper NY. 

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2050Community artists support the design and installation of murals and creative content for the non-profit arm Comforting Future Self Safe Spaces projects. Comforting Future Self focuses on installs in underserved locations and uses local artists to conduct community engagement. These projects involve our member artists who are refugees, artists living in high-conflict regions and locations of extreme poverty. We aim to beautify, inspire, provide hope, and transform the locations as well as provide commmunity relationship over time.

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Our 2021 residency project with Daniel Kathalynas exceeded expectations in the form of a fantastic digital and stop-motion short titled The Flowering. The film was a collaborative project which expressed the discomforts of the changing techonogy and social space. The film won 2nd place Digital Shorts in the Southwest Contemporary Film Festival.

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Our project “WORLD CLASS” is a multi-city, collaborative, international art  master class project. The project focuses on bringing together artists from highly diverse locations and challenging backgrounds under a concept which evolves into public art installations. Emerging artists are provided 1:1 and group mentoring with a more established artist. This project focuses on lifting, evolving and providing a dynamic experience and a visible public outcome which benefits and inspires society. The current class is headed by experienced graffiti and public artist Pablo Power (NEWS) from NYC.



One of the coolest collabs to come from our local presence is our partnership with the ViBe Creative District and 2050C member William Haskins and his company Big Entertainment Productions, in the delivery of this awesome summertime House music event. The best local and regional House music DJ's come under one umbrella and provide a positive day out in the park for locals and visitors. This event has such a feel good vibe and some of the best DJs you will find together on any stage.

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The collective creates concepts and produces music and arts events of various genres. Our members host and support event partners focused on electronic and hiphop music events, art exhibits, skateboarding and creative installations.

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