Artist Spotlight: Point Blank

Check out the latest Podcast show from Nairobi based artist Point Blank:

From Births to Creations!

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Point Blank is a multitalented artists who has been in the arts and entertainment scene for 16 years. He has worked with SHANG TAO MEDIA ARTS COLLEGE, was a founder and board member of WAPI (WORDS AND PICTURES); was part of the animation team on TIGER ASPECT'S series TINGA TINGA TALES and is currently lead animator/director of his first feature film. He has llustrated 3 comic book titles: HOMEGUARD by POINT BLANK EVUMBI, THE ADVENTURES OF NRVFF, SUPER DJ and SHADOW WALKERS by MUTENDEI WRITES. He also hosts a TV and Radio show dubbed SPICE SUNDAY CRUISE.


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