Jungle Club's DJ BILL from Belo Horizonte Brazil

We are excited to have on, DJ Bill (Jungle Club) Musician, DJ and researcher of phonographic records of music from 4 corners of the world! His focus is Brazilian music, cumbia, afrobeat and dialogues with music made today. Dance music, rare grooves, soul and beat. Founder and collaborator of Jungle Club, Trøpik Kiłł Λłł and SOUL B. DJed at events at Nelson Bordello, Savassi Jazz Festival 2011, Everybody Has Rights (Rio de Janeiro \ RJ), BH Connection, Mostra Arte Sônica 2014, BH Music Station 2016, Crew Hassan (Lisbon / Portugal), Goldkante (Bochum / Germany ), Eletronika Festival 2017, Wäls Jazz Festival 2018, Maputo Electronico 2018 (Mozambique / Africa), Virada Cultural BH 2019, Duel of MC's Nacional 2019 and Vinyl Fest 2 (2020).

DJ Bill will be blessing the global community with new playlists and interviews, so stay tuned.



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